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Website Updates

May 1999 - Main site set up, and domain name "" purchased
June 1999 - Guestbook and Fastcounter added
July 1999 - Onelist Buffs link added

January 2000 - All PGL, Chapter and Assembly Officers updated
February 2000 - Sir Walter Raleigh Lodge - list of members added
March 2000 - Local Links page added, with over 200 Jersey links.
May 2000 - My Favorite Links added (via. Lycos Gear Manager)
May 2000 - New style frontpage set up, and addition of several new pages
June 2000 - Message board added
August 2000 - PGP page added
August 2000 - Jersey Regalia Museum page added
August 2000 - About the Jersey Province page added
August 2000 - Voted best site in its class by Snap Live Directory
September 2000 - Provinces of England drop down list added
September 2000 - Link to NEW Grand Lodge website added
September 2000 - News page updated and Site updates added.
October 2000 - Link to "other provinces" changed to Frome Province link.
November 2000 - Jersey Museum page updated, now over 200 items listed.
August 2001 - Change of address added to some pages - Now 16 The Parade, St.Helier.
March 2002 - Year 2002 Officers amended.
October 2002 - Yearly officers amended and updates to email address & phone numbers
April 2003 - Yearly officers updated, and minor changes to various pages.
April 2006 - yearly officers updated
April 8 2006 - Website transferred to new server and pages and links updated.....
March 2007 - pages updated and checked for errors. added new link to raob on-line directory etc.

News from the Lodges

News from PGL

The Jersey Province have moved from their property in Nelson Street,which housed most of the lodges and social club, and have moved now to 90 Bath Street, above Africa Bar,, St.Helier. we are currently looking for another property to rent or buy for our future use. In the mean time, you can be assured of a warm welcome at our new premises.

News from Kts Chapter and other sections

March 2007 - The Knights Chapter now only meets quarterly, please check our page for details.

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