By Bro. E.J. Middleton


"Dark were the days of Jersey’s Isle
The Invaders grip was strong.
Verboten ! Verboten ! was everything
of laughter, of joy, of song.
You shall not meet in the open street,
numbering more than three.
And behind closed door,
you shall talk no more:
Or do aught that I cannot see.


Transgress and the penalty may be death

on your peril refute my law,

For I am your master in everything

your ruler by might of war.

Should any be foolish enough to doubt

by gesture, or smile or frown.

As sure as I tread your Island soil

I’ll hunt him and bring him down.


Dark were the days in Jersey’s Isle

Dark seemed the future view,

Yet a Lodge of our Order took the test

and proved what men can do.

Men who stand firm for freedom’s right

flaunting the Huns’ dammed law

Who met in a secret place alone

and behind a fast tyled door.


Normandie ! Normandie ! Lodge of the Duke

such was the name they bore

Who worked thro’ the years to uphold our name

our honour, our rights and more.

Hard were they pressed and hard beset

steadfast and true they stood

Knowing that later release must come

and evil give place to good.


Out of the mists of the English shores

The little ships came through

Bringing release from the Tyrants rule

Peace and hope to the Noble few.

And Brother met Brother of all Degree’s

Kangaroo, Primo & Knight,

And the tale was told of those first dark years

And the long drawn silent fight.


Of peril encountered, of dangers met

Of the hope which was never lost

Of the love and belief in Brotherhood

when all else was overcast.

And we who now learn in later days

how you kept your Order free

Are proud indeed to be here with you,

Hail ! Duke of Normandie."



Presented By Knights Chapter Of Glostershires No. 71